Yes you...Girl standing in the back...

Hey you...

Did you know that I used to be just like you???

I was the Girl who never raised her hand in class even though I knew all of the answers. Afraid to be too smart and nerdy. I was the girl who's heart would skip a beat when told to stand up front and present. I thought if I could just find a seat in the back and slouch a little lower I would go unnoticed. 

I was the girl who didn't understand why people liked her. I barely liked her. I wanted to be skinnier. I wanted clearer skin. Straighter teeth. Longer hair. I wanted better clothes.

I was the girl who didn't speak up for myself in fear of making enemies. I was the girl who took things as they were even if they were wrong. 

Even with all of that I somehow managed to make friend, but they were few in number and I often attached myself to their hips. I was a shadow...unaware of my own potential. As much of an outgoing person I may seem today...I still have moment where I want to shrink until I disappear.

So Girl in the back with her head down...if you one day read this, know that I used to be just like you... and in some ways I still am, but we're going to have so much fun together discovering how you can still be your best self without changing who you are because who you are is amazing! 



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