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The Dime is Now

The importance of saving, how to make responsible financial decision regardless of intended career/college path. They will create a plan that will organize their future finances. This workshop is hosted by Coins Financial.


Healthy Peer Relationships

Girls will focus on building healthy relationships with their peers and intimate dating relationships. Girls will learn the various forms of abuse and maintaining safety among their relationships. Girls will learn how to set boundaries and strategies for conflict resolution.


The Passion portfolio

Girls will explore the next 10 years of their lives. They will dive into their dreams and aspirations and learn how to turn those things into purposeful careers by designing their own passion portfolio. 


The Biker Babe

This workshop discusses self empowerment through the participation in recreational activities and explores the usage of blacks and most importantly girls, on bikes in the urban community. Hosted by Girls on Bikes


Girls will explore media careers with industry women. They will also discuss the importance of positive social media reputation, balancing what should be public knowledge versus private.


Finding the positive

This workshop will dive into overcoming difficult situations and learning how to change your outlook on life in order to change your life. Girls will examine some of their own hurts, the needs of their community and their own needs and how each of these affect the other. They will learn how to stay positive even in the midst of negativity.


Soca Dance with Olney

Join Soca dance diva Olney for 45minutes of island fun right here in Newark where you'll learn a dance routine infused with island vibes! 


Goaling with Intention, purpose & Accountability

In this interactive workshop experienced life strategist, attorneys and co-hosts of the leadership and lifestyle podcast, Unbought, Unbossed & Unfinished: A Podcast for Evolving Women, will walk you thru practical steps to manifesting your goals.


eating to live

Girls will learn about meal planning and portion control. They will learn the benefits of coloring their plates, and how to plan easy, affordable meals with their families. A live food demonstration will follow the workshop.


Why Mentoring Matters for Young WOC

Founder of Gyrl Wonder will discuss the importance of having a mentor/mentee relationship and how girls can go about acquiring a mentor for anything they need in their lives.

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Teaching Artist, Dance Specialist, Fitness & Healthy Living Coach, Beachbody Coach, CIZE Live Instructor


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